Dharmasena – from umpire to chump

Dharmasena – from umpire to chump

Released On 12th Jul 2019

We all know that officiating is difficult no matter what the sport, but umpire Kumar Dharmasena seems to make it more difficult than most with some truly poor decisions.

His latest gaffe came yesterday in the fantastic England demolition of the hapless Aussies in the World Cup semi final at Edgbaston.

Jason Roy was on fire, destroying the poor Australians, and clearly on course for a match winning century, when a ball from Cummings flew past his bat and glove. Typically, the Aussies jumped up to claim a catch, but even from my seat on the sofa I could tell Roy had not made contact.

The decision from Mr Dharmasena should surely have been not out, if there was even the slightest doubt, but after a few seconds the dreaded finger was raised and, because Jonny Bairstow had ridiculously used a review earlier, Roy couldn’t review and had to go.

A not out decision would have prompted an Australian review and the video playback would have confirmed that Roy was a long way from the ball.

Roy was rightly incensed but had to leave the field.

I believe Jason Roy was fined 30% of his match fee for his dissent, surely Mr Dharmasena should be fined for his awful performance?

Fortunately, England continued to destroy the Aussies who had no answer to England’s superior batting, bowling and fielding. Let’s hope Mr Dharmasena isn’t officiating in the final.

Doug Woodward



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